Binding and Lamination

We offer a  SAME DAY / 24 Hr turnaround on all our our Binding and Lamination products.

We provide three types of binding for any booklet product:

  1. Hard Back Binding : Hard Back binding on offer at Print Design, is produced using 3mm covered boards, with matching Metal binding strip. PLEASE CHECK DETAILED INFORMATION HERE
  2. Spiral Binding : This is commonly used for a report or notebook, where a wire spiral is threaded through small holes punched into the pages of the document to fasten the pages together, along with the covers and sometimes an acetate outer cover.
  3. Thermal Binding : As you might expect, this process uses heat to bind the documents to the cover. It’s a reasonably quick way of binding your documents and requires relatively little effort.
  4. Saddle Stitching. In this popular book binding method, we gather the sheets and fold them in half. Then we staple them through with wire staples.


We can laminate documents of all sizes including large format prints. As our laminating machines are in-house, we can deliver your product quickly and efficiently.

Please click here if you want help with designing your project or email us at for any inquiries.


SAME DAY Print and Lamination Gloss BW Gloss Colour  Matt BW Matt Colour
A4 1-5 £2.15 each £2.70 each  £2.65 each £3.20 each
A3 1-5 £3.80 each £4.50 each £4.80 each £5.50 each
A4 6-10 £2.00 each £2.50 each £2.60 each £2.70 each
A3 6-10  £3.70 each £4.00 each £4.70 each £5.00 each


BW Colour
30 pages A4
30 pages A3
50 pages A4
50 pages A3
100 pages A4
100 pages A3